Inspection of Lifting Equipments

Inspection of Lifting Equipments

The potential danger in the use of cranes, lifts, hoists and other lifting appliances is well known in everyindustrialized country. To ensure safer conditions for workers who are in contact with high risk equipmentdemands strict controls. Installations need

To be checked regularly. A periodical test and certification ofthese equipment by competent person is required to ensure that equipment comply with regulationsand reducing accidents from equipment failure.

Lifting equipment includes any equipment used at work for lifting or lowering loads, includingattachments used for anchoring, fixing or supporting.

To perform visual safety inspection, functional test and Load Test as per the highest form of quality inspection and activity into a more?? Safe, reliable and effective performance of works as per the manufacturer’s and international standards practice and requirements?? In all and various types of elevating lifting equipment such as:

  • Mobile Crane
  • Tower crane
  • EOT Crane
  • Truck Crane
  • Jib Crane
  • Gantry Crane
  • Articulating Boom Cranes
  • Side Boom
  • Elevating Work Platforms / Man lift
  • Powered Platforms / Sky Climbers
  • Vehicle Mounted Elevating and Rotating Aerial Devices / Bucket Truck
  • Fixed Cranes and Hoists / Overhead and Gantry Cranes
  • Construction Tower Cranes, Portal and Pillar Cranes.
  • A-Frame and Mobile Gantry Cranes
  • Below – The Hook Lifting Devices
  • Lifting / Spreader Beams, Man-basket , Manually lever Operated Hoist
  • Elevators
  • Escalators
  • Window Cradle
  • Marine & Offshore Cranes, Storage Retrieval Machines
  • Forklift Trucks
  • Hoists
  • Mobile Elevating Work Platforms
  • Vehicle Inspection Lifts
  • Excavators & Earth Moving Equipment
  • Window Cleaning Equipment
  • Construction Hoist.